Memorial Packages

Sacred Moments Are Special—We Help to Create Yours Memorial Planning Guide

Memorial services give families the opportunity to express one’s love and affection in a meaningful commemorative ceremony. Memorial services give families the option to give meaning to a person’s life in a variety of ways. Memorial services can be personalized. These services are a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to gather and remember the deceased while offering support and comfort to one another.

We ensure that nothing is overlooked in the planning of the memorial service.


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We create life celebrations, taking time and care to imbue them with the personality of your loved one. We can provide the best celebrants, video artists, catering services, and even bagpipers and a horse-drawn carriage to make your goodbye more meaningful and memorable.

Loving Care Cremations – mindfully support cultural and spiritual traditions–for Buddhist practitioners, Waldorf communities, or any faith tradition that has specific ceremonies and customs.

Memorials & Life celebrations

  • Video services
  • Scattering services
  • Dove releases
  • Butterfly releases
  • Balloon releases
  • Bagpipers
  • Horse drawn carriage
  • Catering services
  • Concierge services

Memory Photo Boards

Memory board set comes complete with two boards with decorated backgrounds,and supplies. An attractive, cohesive presentation of your loved one’s life, a memory board set can enhance a memorial service and gatherings afterward.

Video Tributes

In our digital age, a video tribute has become an expected, gratifying portion of a service. Loving Care Cremations has experience producing them, and we would be happy to create one honoring your loved one.

We offer varying lengths of videos, based on the number of photos you provide. Digital format is best, but we can work with old family photos from a favorite album just as well. If possible, bring us photos from your loved one’s entire life, from infancy on up.

Video of Your Service

A creative way to preserve special moments throughout a funeral or memorial service is to capture it with video. The recording of the service hold so much meaning, it can all be recorded and remembered for future generations. Our favorite videographer is Jim Milligan of Millstream Video. He’s our recommendation if you would like a professionally produced video. Jim and his production team have a Loving Care Cremations can provide a recording video style that best presents the most cherished moments of your loved one’s commemorative service.

Prayer Cards

Prayer cards are keepsakes for guests at your service. About the size of a trading card, they come in different styles and themes. They are customized with your person’s name and dates, and prayers or verses from our wide selection.

If you are curious about home funerals or green burials but don’t know where to begin, you can our office for a free 30-minute consultation. If you want to know more, we’ll meet with you at an appointed time to address your personal questions and needs. This again is “special,” as we know of no other funeral service providing such guidance for alternative ways of doing death.
Unusual requests don’t throw us. We do everything we can to support you in your grief and honor and memorialize your loved one.
In providing funeral choices for a changing world, we need to go—and want to go—an extra mile or two beyond everyday funeral service. Take a look at the kind of specialness and professionalism we provide. LOVING CARE TOGETHER.