If A Death Has Already Occurred

Please Call 877-346-1586 (24/7)
For Immediate Assistance

It Begins With A Phone Call

Make Arrangements Call 24/7 (877-346-1586) - We Are Here To Help

We Make Making arrangements an easy process doing the most difficult time.  We collect the necessary details and handle the logistics right away.  We Arrange Transportation, and We Handle All the Paperwork  so you don’t have to. We collect the necessary signatures and file the appropriate documents, including:

  • The death certificate.
  • Cremation permits.
  • Burial permits.

Download and complete the forms below and scan/send them to nc@lovingcarecremations.com or Fax at 877-570-7605

General Price List

Cremation Arrangement Form

Cremation Authorization Form

Vital Information Form

North Carolina Release from Medical Facility
*For use when the deceased is at a medical facility.

North Carolina Coroner Release

Credit Card Authorization Form

Ordering processes and options vary by county. READ MORE…

Cremation Process
Once cremation is complete, the remains are placed into the family selected cremation container.

Returning the Remains
When the cremation is finished, we make arrangements to deliver the urn to you. We strive to honor your wishes, and we care for the remains after cremation in whatever manner you prefer.

A Simple Cremation
We simplify the cremation process and handle the details so you don’t feel overwhelmed during a difficult time. If you’re looking for a simple, affordable cremation, call Loving Care Cremations today at (877) 346-1586.


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